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Many psychologists can be found doing basic research in universities, industry, medical centers, and government. Yet, psychology, the profession, is more than research--it is the work of solving the practical problems of human life. Psychology, as an applied profession, uses the scientific knowledge derivedLa Salle student Rich Evans giving presention on careers in rehabilitation psychology at EPA from research to work with people in a number of settings. Some psychologists help people in hospitals, clinics, and in private practice. These psychologists are specialists in Clinical Psychology or Counseling Psychology. Other psychologists apply their knowledge in business and industry. Their activities can be grouped under the umbrella term of Work Psychology, including the fields of Personnel Psychology, Human Factors Engineering, Industrial/Organization Psychology, Forensic Psychology, and Consumer Psychology.

An article from U.S. NEWS AND WORLD REPORT makes the following statement: "In a nation buffeted by stress and change, Psychology is turning into a major growth enterprise that ranges far beyond the treatment of emotional and behavioral disorders. Increasingly, the hand of the psychologist is evident in such endeavors as industry, criminal justice, medicine, and advertising." Most certainly the science-profession of psychology will play a major part in the society of tomorrow.

Materials further explaining the career options for the Psychology Major are available in the Psychology Department Office. Just ask the secretary.