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Psychology Curriculum

Frameworks Course:

  • Social Science: PSY 155

Psychology Courses Required for Major in Psychology - 12 Courses, including:

  • MTH 150 or higher
  • Introductory Psychology, Statistics, & Research Methods:
    • PSY 155
    • PSY 310
    • PSY 311
    • PSY 330
  • Seven electives in psychology, including three of the following:
    • PSY 410
    • PSY 415
    • PSY 420
    • PSY 425
    • PSY 430

Student who plan to attend graduate school in Psychology please note:

We strongly recommend that you start the required statistics and research methods course series as early as possible if you are planning to pursue doctoral study in psychology. That way you will have a better background for collaboratiing on research or completing an independent research project prior to graduating. Similarly, PSY 331 is strongly recommended as an elective for students planning doctoral study in psychology.