Academic Coaching

What is academic coaching?

  • Focuses on the learning process, the “how” of learning.
  • Assesses the reading, time management, organizational, goal setting, note-taking, test-taking, and study habits that students currently have.
  • Instructs students on strategies that will enhance their learning.
  • Helps students devise a plan for their future success.

Who might benefit from academic coaching?

  • Everyone! Certain groups of students, though, might find meeting with an Academic coach especially useful, including:
    • first-year students
    • transfer students
    • student athletes
    • students with disabilities
  • Students with large demands on their time (from class, work, families, or extracurricular activities)
  • Students who are not satisfied with their current learning strategies, for whatever reason, are encouraged to make an appointment and experience firsthand how academic coaching can help them achieve their goals.

For more information, contact Melissa Hediger Gallagher ( or 215.951.5115).