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Business Administration

The ever-changing business landscape offers unlimited opportunities. Today’s students need to be adaptable, thoughtful, ethical, and well-versed in the ins and outs of business administration. That is especially true for aspiring entrepreneurs or business-minded achievers hoping to contribute to a family business, develop their own startup, or join an up-and-coming franchise.

The business administration major is a flexible course of study allowing the student and faculty adviser the opportunity to design an individualized sequence of upper-level courses that prepares each student for a specialized career path. Students are encouraged to incorporate into their plans some courses and experiences that will help them develop generalizable skills in areas such as project management, teamwork, financial planning, and marketing. They are also encouraged to expand their portfolios through programs, projects and activities offered by the La Salle Center for Entrepreneurship (LCE), business competitions, workshops, and internships or co-ops with emerging companies and nonprofit organizations.

This major may be of particular interest to:

  • Students interested in entrepreneurship or small business management
  • Students intending to work in nonprofit organizations or government agencies
  • Students who wish to work in fields for which an interdisciplinary business education could be especially beneficial, such as hospitality, retail sales, or law enforcement
  • Students who intend to go to law school
  • Students in Arts and Sciences or Nursing and Health Sciences who wish to dual major

A MINOR in Business Administration is available to students with majors outside of the School of Business. (Non-business students should also consider specialized minors in Accounting, Business Systems & Analytics, Marketing, Management & Leadership and Risk Management & Insurance.)

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