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The fast-paced world of marketing is ideal for students who like variety, creativity, and a challenge. La Salle’s Marketing program mixes hands-on learning, internships and co-ops, travel/study courses, and extracurricular opportunities to provide an educational experience that translates into career opportunities.

Many people believe that marketing consists only of advertising and personal selling. Although marketing includes these activities, the purpose of marketing in an organization is much broader—to create and retain satisfied customers. Marketing begins by understanding consumer behavior, discovering customers’ needs, and then developing programs to satisfy those needs.

The Marketing curriculum at La Salle gives students the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in a variety of marketing-related fields. Marketing classes and projects develop such skills as making effective presentations, creating advertising campaigns, analyzing consumer behavior, and conducting marketing research studies. In all marketing classes, an emphasis is placed on exposing students to real-world problems that will advance their ability to make sound business decisions.

Reasons to Choose Lasallian Business:

  • Professors work hard to identify each student’s talents and address individual interests. They will help students pursue experiential learning opportunities, such as internships and travel/study to help them reach their career goals.
  • Our faculty are also leading scholars and cutting-edge practitioners. They advise businesses, conduct research, and share their knowledge in the field’s leading publications.
  • To cultivate a global perspective, our professors design and lead a variety of travel/study courses, accompanying students to such places as France, Germany, and China.
  • Our students have the opportunity to participate in internships and co-ops inside top regional and global organizations, which allows them to enhance their classroom instruction with hands-on experience.

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