La Salle records 13% increase in enrollment of first-year students

September 11, 2022

Also on the rise? The academic qualifications of this year’s newest Explorers

Enrollment of new first-year students at La Salle has increased 13% over the last year, the University announced. This represents the first enrollment increase at La Salle since 2018.

This enrollment boom follows the most-recent enrollment cycle, during which La Salle recorded year-over-year increases in both submitted and completed applications, as well.

Also of note in this year’s class:

  • A more academically prepared class began at La Salle this fall, with new students arriving at 20th and Olney with a higher median GPA than those in last year’s class.
  • New-student enrollment in the La Salle Honors Program swelled by 25% from last year, with the academic credentials of the students selected and admitted also improving.
  • A diverse class of first-year students is enrolled this fall, with approximately half of La Salle’s newest Explorers identifying as students of color.
  • The undergraduate nursing program increased enrollment of new first-year students by 40% and the 4-year B.S./MBA program in Accounting doubled the size of its first-year enrollment.

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—Christopher A. Vito