La Salle’s Honors Program is preparing this student for what’s next

June 15, 2023

La Salle University prepares all of its students for wherever life takes them. 

For Explorers enrolled in the Honors Program, a unique academic experience awaits. First-year students are enrolled in the Honors Triple which is a group of linked courses, including literature, history, and philosophy, and taken with a cohort of students and professors over the course of two semesters. 

Honors students continue to work together through the program, taking classes and living together in the residence halls, making the experience that much more of a tight-knit community.  

At the end of the program, students present their Honors project to showcase an articulate perspective on a subject of their choice.

Here, an Honors student shares how her program is helping her find success in her chosen career paths.

Kate Vasey, ’24, chemistry major  

Vasey is the secretary for the Chymian Society, an SI for organic chemistry, and a captain of La Salle’s women’s rowing team. She also spends her summers gaining work experience through internships. 

Last summer, Vasey experienced academia and research as a chemistry intern at the University of Connecticut. She worked in nanotechnology, synthesizing nano molecules for therapeutic delivery. This summer, she was drawn to the Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships (SULI) in Colorado, where she will be working in a completely different area of material science and engineering.  

Right now, concrete is a huge carbon emitter in industrial synthesis, and people are looking for solutions. Vasey has been selected to aid in generating a greener synthesis of concrete. She notes that working at a national lab is very appealing, and she is looking forward to learning more about conducting government research.   

After graduation, Vasey wishes to advance to graduate school as a Ph.D. candidate. Her internship in Colorado will not only help her earn her way into prestigious programs that interest her, but it will also allow her to narrow down what chemistry niche she will research for her doctorate. 

She said the La Salle Honors Program has prepared her in many areas, including ethics and philosophy, while challenging her academically. As a result, she now has a solid work ethic.  

“The Honors Program has expanded my worldview and has given me the confidence to apply for internships,” Vasey added.