Distinguish yourself among the bright, the brave, and the bold.


At La Salle, we are Explorers—a community shaped by the Lasallian values of intellectual and spiritual development, service, and respect for others. La Salle’s dedication to the transformation of the whole person is amplified in our Honors Program.

Our distinctive curriculum features our unique Honors Triple program, considered by many as a national model. With unbeatable individual attention, invaluable mentors, and an intentional cohort environment in which curiosity thrives, questions are answered, and lifelong friendships are formed, you’ll receive the freedom to customize your education to your strengths and blaze your own path forward.

You will reflect the best of La Salle, but also benefit from the best of what La Salle offers: a top-notch education that transforms students not just into leaders, but into Explorers. The time has come to define your success and shine brighter than ever before.

Explorers are never lost.