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Safety Tips

Providing a safe environment for our students is always a top priority at La Salle. We hope to work together with students to create a safer campus and community. Here’s a few reminders of how you can be vigilant and proactive with your safety.

Remember to:

  • Be aware of surroundings and stay alert.
  • Avoid texting or looking at cell phones while walking.
  • Travel with a group when possible.
  • Request a safety escort from Public Safety or a friend.
  • Report suspicious circumstances or crimes to Public Safety at 215.951.1300 or 911.

Car Safety Tips:

  • Lock your vehicle even if parking for only a short time.
  • Do not leave a spare key inside your vehicle.
  • Remove valuables from your vehicle or secure them out of sight.

Don’t forget to download the Rave Guardian app for one-touch calls to Public Safety or to text information.

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Facts and Resources

Sexual Violence

  • Every day hundreds of Americans, women and men, girls and boys, are affected by sexual violence.
  • Women ages 18-24 are at an elevated risk of sexual violence.
  • Acts that constitute sexual violence including sexual misconduct, sexual assault (rape, fondling without consent, or any attempt of them), sexual exploitation, sexual coercion, dating violence, domestic violence, harassment, and stalking, are in fundamental opposition to La Sallian values.
  • Students are encouraged to contact and use the resources below if they or another student has been a victim of sexual violence.
  • More Information available from our Substance Abuse and Violence Education Center

Resources for dealing with Sexual Violence:

  • Campus Confidential Resources
    • Title IX Advocate/Educator 215-951-1387
    • Respondent Advocate 215-951-1470
    • Student Counseling Center 215-951-1355
    • Student Health Center 215-951-1565
    • Alcohol and Other Drug Education Center 215-951-1357
    • Ordained Priest in Ministry, Service and Support 215-951-1976
  • Additional Campus Resources
    • Residence Life and Community Development215-951-1916
    • La Salle Public Safety215-951-1300 or 215-991-2111
  • Off Campus Resources
    • Medical Concerns/Treatments
      • PA Sexual Assault Response Center: SVU
        300 E. Hunting Park Ave., Philadelphia, PA
        Call Public Safety (215.951.1300) for free transport.
      • Abington Hospital
        1200 Old York Road
        Abington, PA 19001
    • 24 Hour Hotlines
    • Spanish/Bilingual Services:
      • Congreso de Latinos Unidos 1-866-723-3014
      • Bilingual Domestic Violence Project (24‐hour bilingual domestic violence hotline) 215-763-8870 x1300
    • Services for Lesbian and Bisexual Women
      • Women in Transition Hotline 215-751-1111
    • State Resources for Sexual Assault
      • Pennsylvania Commission on Human Relations 215-560-2496
    • Criminal Prosecution
      • Philadelphia Special Victims Unit 215-685-3251
    • Resources for Respondents (Male or Female)
      • Men’s Resource Center 215-564-0488
      • Menergy 215-242-2235
      • John J. Peter’s Institute 215-701-1560


  • Women are 3 times more likely to be stalked than raped. (
  • Over 1.4 million women and men are stalked in the U.S. each
    year. (
  • About a 1 in every 4 stalking victims obtain restraining orders.
  • In many, many instances, obtaining a restraining order for a stalker
    will only make a bad situation worse. From the stalker’s point
    of view, restraining orders are humiliating.
  • Tell a stalker “no” once and only once, and then never
    give him or heU the satisfaction of a reaction again. The more you
    respond, the more you teach him or her that their actions will elicit
    a response.

Resources for dealing with Stalking :

  • Public Safety 215.991.2111 or x2111
  • Director of Student Conduct 215.951.1530 or x1530
  • Assistant Vice President – Residence Life and Community Development 215.95.1916
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  1. Hazing is a violation of University Policy and Pennsylvania Statute.
  2. Allegations of hazing are taken seriously and will be fully investigated.

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Hamster Cocktails: The Truth About Hazing

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