commuter students hanging out eating

What is a commuter?

A traditional commuter student is determined to be someone who does not reside in University housing. Commuter students primarily live at home with their families. These students often work a full- or part-time jobs, can be parents, grandparents, and in some cases, financially responsible for their households.

Commuter student needs differ significantly from residential students. On top of academics and extracurricular activities, commuter students face the daily challenge of commuting to and from campus. According to a recent Sallie Mae report, “…more than 54 percent of college and university students nationwide chose to live at home…”

Over 1400 La Salle students identify themselves as commuters or reside off-campus, adjacent to the University.

This office supports the transition and success programming of our commuter student population, with an emphasis on the first-year and sophomore experience. The office’s priority is retention and persistence with our commuter students – by creating workshops, building networks, and developing a stronger sense of care.

Commuter Lounges

In addition to study and lounge spaces throughout campus, there is two commuter spaces located in the Student Union Building. The Commuter Lounge (Lower Level of the Union) is the central gathering space for many commuters. There is numerous tables and furniture to socialize and study. In addition, the space has lockers, a pool table, and plenty of activities throughout the semester to partake in. The second commuter-friendly location is the Commuter TV Lounge (1st floor next to the Dean’s Office), which is a great place to study or catch up on your favorite TV show. You will often find other commuters in the space relaxing between classes or eating a meal.

Commuter Coaches (CC)

Our coaches, formerly connectors, support our commuter students with an emphasis on the transition of our newer commuter students – from orientation through to junior year. The coach team is comprised of upper-class, para-professional student leaders that go through an extensive recruitment and hiring process with additional ongoing training. Their responsibility includes the development and design of success workshops, mentorship, regular communication, and resource building with their select students. Through strong assessment and evaluation our coaches are able to tailor their focus to the direct needs of the students they coach.

Examples of their programming include:

  • Time management workshop (in conjunction with the Academic Achievement Center)
  • Mental health and stress relief
  • Escape Room
  • Nutrition and healthy breakfast ideas

The initial program rolled out in the fall of 2018, and it continues to successfully attract commuters from all academic years. The CRASH program is designed to support our commuter students by providing them with the opportunity to live on campus in one of the residential halls during peak academic moments throughout the year (Explorientation, midterms, and finals). This experience allows them to be close to campus resources without having to think about their commuting time to and from home. In addition, the Commuter Coaches live-in the spaces during those times and provide evening programs to support those commuters.

Commuter FAQ

Parking is available to students and there is a number of options around campus, including at the Shoppes at La Salle. A parking permit is required for most areas. Visit the Parking Office, located in the lower level of the Lawrence Building on main for more information and to apply for a parking permit. There are options for yearly or semester permits. Click here for more information.

As of now, the University does not sell the SEPTA TransPass. A TransPass, may be purchased at the SEPTA Olney Transportation Center. For more information, click here.

Absolutely and it’s encouraged! La Salle offers more than 120 student organizations, many which commuter students are involved. Our student organizations and activities include: Fraternity and Sorority life, student government, intramurals, honors societies, service groups, etc. Explore what La Salle has to offer by attending an activities fair or visit campus departments to learn more about opportunities to get involved. Or check out our online database of student organizations here.