Housing Selection

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Required Residency Policy

Info for New Incoming Students 

La Salle University believes that residential living is a valuable way for students to experience what it means to live as part of a broader community; students begin to understand themselves and the dynamic of living with others throughout this unique experience. Students who live within a campus community are generally more likely to be involved in campus life, join student organizations, become involved in student government, and have greater opportunities to interact with faculty. In fact, higher education research has found that students who reside within the campus community tend to be more successful and are more likely to graduate from college.

All full-time undergraduate students are required to live in University housing and participate in a University Dining Services meal plan throughout their first (freshman) and second (sophomore) years at the University, unless living with parents or a legal guardian.

Exceptions to the residency requirement will be made for students who:

  • Reside with a parent or legal guardian
  • Are 21 years of age or older prior to the start date of the housing contract
  • Are military veterans who have had active duty service
  • Are married

If a first (freshman) or second (sophomore) year undergraduate student chooses to live off-campus, and does not meet the one of the above exceptions, they will be billed a standard double room rate along with the default meal plan for resident students for the Fall and Spring semesters.

How to Indicate Your Residency

All students should maintain and submit accurate information regarding their residence on or off campus.

New Students (new Freshmen & Transfer students)

As part of your confirmation of acceptance to the University, your selection of “Resident” or “Commuter” acknowledges your intention and compliance with the Required Residency Policy.

New students, please update any changes to your parent or legal guardian’s address and/or your permanent home address with Undergraduate Admission.

Returning Students

After registering for classes, you will be asked to submit a form online indicating if you will be living on- or off-campus. If on-campus, you will be directed to the Housing Application. You may also access the form directly here after the start of class registration.

Returning students, please update any changes to your parent or legal guardian’s address and/or your permanent home address with the Registrar’s Office.

General Information for New, Incoming Residents

New students who have confirmed through the Admission Office that they will be a Resident student for the upcoming academic year should then fill out a Housing Application. When you make your decision to attend La Salle, you should complete the required Confirmation of Acceptance form, and, if you are a resident student, you should complete the Application for Housing Form provided (either the paper form, or we encourage you to use the online confirmation/housing application as directed by the Admissions office).

Finding a Roommate

We encourage you to get to know your fellow classmates, and if possible, identify a potential roommate for the Academic Year. La Salle University offers additional information through the mylasalle portal.

Assignments and Roommate Requests

Housing assignments will be made in June and continue through July. Your specific Housing Assignment information will be sent to your home address in July. We make every effort to house incoming students based on their preferences (as submitted on the Housing Application) and the date of submission. Please note that the Housing Selection Process is for current, returning students only. New incoming students applying after June 1 of the upcoming academic year will receive assignments based on availability.

For new and returning students, information on how to access their assignment information will be sent in the mail during the summer (typically around mid-July). When viewing their room information online, there is a feature which allows them to easily send the room assignment and mailing address to any email address.

Please Note: Housing assignments and related personal information, such as a roommate assignment, can only be released to the student. In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), Community Development staff members cannot give housing information to any person except for the student.