Alumni Association

The mission of La Salle University’s Alumni Association is to connect alumni and students with La Salle University and one another in frequent and meaningful ways, to support the educational aims and financial needs of La Salle University, and to provide leadership and resources focused on perpetuating La Salle University as a vibrant, quality academic Lasallian Catholic institution.

The vision of La Salle University’s Alumni Association is to be an integral and vibrant component in the life of La Salle University and in the lives of our fellow alumni and students, furthering the ongoing mission of the Brothers of the Christian Schools.

Our Alumni Association comprises over 56,000 alumni living in all 50 states and more than 52 countries.  Every La Salle graduate receives a complimentary lifetime membership to the Alumni Association. This membership allows graduates to participate in all alumni activities and to enjoy the other benefits and services provided to them through the Association.

Students who have completed at least 30 credits and remain in good standing with the University are considered La Salle alumni and are part of the Alumni Association.