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Awards and Honors

The Awards Committee is chaired by the Vice President and is made up of the following sub-committees:

Each sub-committee solicits and evaluates nominations for its respective award and is expected to evaluate the presentation, program, and/or promotion of corresponding events. Each sub-committee is empowered to act on behalf of the full board.

Submit your nominations for the John J. Finley, ’24 Award, Signum Fidei Medal, and Hall of Athletes now.

John J. Finley, ’24 Award

The John J. Finley, ‘24 Award is presented each year to alumni who have exhibited outstanding service to La Salle University or the Alumni Association. John J. Finley, ’24 held the position of President, Vice President and at the time of his death in 1961, Treasurer of the Alumni Association. To his contemporaries he was known as “Mr. La Salle” for his dedication to the University. The Alumni Association strives to honor those who have made significant contributions of their expertise and time to advance the mission of the University. These awardees are known to be outstanding volunteers who have taken on leadership roles among fellow alumni volunteers. Past Finley winners have a long track record of service to academic departments, strategic initiatives, student development and of course, their fellow alumni.

Recent honorees have been past presidents of the Alumni Association, including Mike Diccicco, ’71, Gerry Binder, ‘73, Charlie Quattrone, ‘72, Frank Stanton, ’51 a Trustee and long time chairman of the Enrollment Services committee, Al Cantello, ’55, a 1960 Olympian and Naval Academy Professor, Hugh Devlin, ’64, namesake of the Hugh and Nancy Devlin Center for Science and Technology located in Holroyd Hall, and former Board of Trustee member Susan F. Altamore Carusi, Esq., ’82.

Past Recipients:

1962  John J. Finley, ’24
1965  Rev. John A. Guischard, Ph.D., ’38
1965  Magnus J. Schaebler, ’22
1979  Daniel E. McGonigle, ’57
1980  John J. French, ’53
1983  John A. Clement Jr., Esq., ’39
1987  Terence K. Heaney, Esq., ’63
1987  John L. McCloskey, ’48
1988  James J. McDonald, ’58
1990  John J. Fallon, ’67
1992  Philip E. Hughes Jr., Esq., ’71
1994  Stephen L. McGonigle, ’72
1994  Marianne S. Gauss, ’75
1995  Robert S. Lyons Jr., ’61
1995  Maria Tucker, ’83
1997  Charles J. Reilly, ’62
1997  Thomas N. Pappas, ’70
1998  Henry G. DeVincent, M.D., ’56
1999  Leon E. Ellerson, ’56
1999  Joseph H. Cloran, ’61
2000  John F.Carabello, DMD, ’62
2000  Nicholas A. Giordano, ’65
2001  Thomas J. Lynch, ’62
2001  John J. Shea, ’59
2002  Nicholas J. Lisi, Esq., ’62
2002  John F. Reardon, ’59
2003  Elmer F. “Bud” Hansen Jr., ’58
2004  James J. Lynch, ’71
2004  Charles J. Quattrone, ’72
2005  Frank Stanton, ’51
2006  Carmen V. Romeo, ’65
2007  J. Hugh Devlin, ’64
2008  Albert A. Cantello, ’55
2009  John J. Rooney, Ph.D., ’46
2010  Peter J. Finley, Ed.D., ’53
2011  Jack Marczely, ’60
2013  Mike Diccicco, ’71
2014  William Markmann, M.D., ’70
2015  Gerry Binder, ’73
2016  Paul J. Burgoyne, Esq., ’70
2017  Susan F. Altamore Carusi, Esq. ’82
2018  William Matthews, Esq. ’90
2019   Joseph Batory, ’64
2019   Edward J. Fierko, ’63
2020  Stephen Zarrilli, ’83

Signum Fidei Award

The Signum Fidei Medal, the Association’s highest form of recognition, has been given annually since 1942 to individuals or groups who have “made most noteworthy contributions to the advancement of humanitarian principles in keeping with the Christian-Judeo tradition” and “in harmony with the established aims of La Salle University and the objectives of the Brothers of the Christian Schools.”  The Medal derives its name from the motto of the Christian Brothers – “Sign of Faith”.

Those honored previously include R. Sargent Shriver, Sen. Eugene McCarthy, the Reverend Leon Sullivan, Judge Genevieve Blatt, Kenneth Gamble, the Christian Brothers, Frank Cervone, ‘04, Executive Director of the Support Center for Child Advocates and Jane Golden, Founder and Director of the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, and Face to Face Germantown.

Past Recipients:

1942  Brother E. Anselm, F.S.C.
1943  Karl H. Rogers
1944  Very Rev. Edward W. Stanford, O.S.A.
1945  Mrs. Edward V. Morrell
1946  Denis Cardinal Dougherty
1947  Max Johnson, M.D.
1948  John J. Sullivan
1949  Louis H. Clerf, M.D.
1950  Most Rev. Gerald P. O’Hara
1951  Most Rev. Fulton J. Sheen
1952  John H. Harris
1953  Rev. James Keller, M.M.
1954  John M. Haffert
1955  Francis J. Braceland, M.D.
1956  Matthew H. McCloskey
1957  Henry Viscardi
1959  Joseph J. Toland Jr., M.D.
1960  Luke E. Hart
1961  Joseph E. McCafferty
1962  Martin H. Work
1963  R. Sargent Shriver
1964  Mother M. Benedict, C.M.M., M.D.
1965  Sen. Eugene J. McCarthy
1966  William B. Ball
1967  Frank M. Folsom
1968  Rev. Leon H. Sullivan
1969  Rev. William J. Finley
1970  James W. Turpin, M.D.
1971  Lisa A. Richette, Esq.
1972  Rev. Melvin Floyd
1973  Rev. Ellwood E. Kieser, ’50
1974  Msgr. Philip J.Dowling
1975  James C. Giuffre, M.D.
1976  Most Rev. Bernard J. Topel, D.D.,  Ph.D.
1977  Mildred F. Jefferson, M.D.
1978  Hon. Genevieve Blatt
1979  Rita Ungaro Schiavone
1980  Rev. Aloysius Schwartz
1981  Sister Mary Luke, O.P.
1982  William and Helen Sample
1983  Rev. Victor J. Eschbach
1984  Ronald A. Codario, M.D.
1985  Rev. James P. Daley
1986  Linda O’Donnell
1987  Sister Peter Claver, M.S.B.T.
1988  Rev. Bruce Ritter, O.F.M., Conv.
1989  Brother Patrick Ellis, F.S.C., Ph.D.
1990  Sister Mary Scullion, R.S.M.
1991  Mary Ehmann
1992  Brother Richard Duerr, F.S.C.
1993  Rev. Reggie White
1994  Rev. John J. Nevins, Ph.D.
1995  Molly Kelly
1996  James Murray
1997  Rev. David I. Hagan, O.S.F.S.
1998  Flyers’ Wives Fight for Lives
1999  Joseph F. Flubacher, AFSC,  Ed.D., ’35
2000  Msgr. Michael Doyle
2001  The Brothers of the Christian  Schools
2002  John and Kathy Polec
2003  Kenneth Gamble
2004  Anthony Cardinal Bevilacqua
2005  Frank P. Cervone, Esq. M.A. ’04
2006  Msgr. Robert T. McDermott
2007  St. Vincent de Paul Parish  Ministries
2008  Rev. John P. McNamee
2009  Jane Golden
2010  State Rep. Dennis M. O’Brien, ’82
2011  Marci B. Schankweiler, ’90
2012  Saint Gabriel’s System
2013  Catholic Relief Services
2014  H. Edward Hanway
2015  Steve Bandura
2016  Joseph Devine, FACHE, ’79
2017  Face to Face
2018  La Salle Academy
2019  Timothy Shriver, Ph.D. & Special Olympics
2020 Philabundance

Warren E. Smith, MD, ’54 Award

The Warren E. Smith, M.D., ’54, Award recognizes an outstanding African American leader in the community. The Association presents this award to someone who has achieved success in his or her profession, has demonstrated a commitment to traditional Lasallian values, has made significant contributions to the community, and has served as an outstanding example to all La Salle students.

Past Recipients:

1990  Ira S. Davis, ’58
1991  Leon Ellerson, ’56
1992  Walter P. Lomax Jr., M.D., ’53
1993  Dwight Evans, ’75
1994  Millicent Carvalho, Ph.D., ’78
1995  Gerald T. Davis, ’63
1996  Daniel J. Tann, Esq., ’82
1997  Michael A. Mosley, ’82
1998  Barbara Kelley-Sease, ’78
1999  RosaLee Smith
2000  Milton A. Washington, ’58
2001  Ken Durrett, ’71
2002  Sylvester M. Johnson
2003  Robert E. Wyatt Sr., ’78
2004  Sheila Dow-Ford, Esq., ’82
2005  Robert W. Bogle
2006  Sandra Dungee Glenn
2013  Richard Mshomba, Ph.D., ’85
2014  Susan L. Taylor

Hall of Athletes

La Salle athletic heritage is one rich in tradition, full of achievement and bursting with pride. To recognize the individuals and teams that make up this proud heritage, the Alumni Association founded the Hall of Athletes.

It is amazing, though not surprising, when you discover that among these members are seven Olympians, one gold medalist, three national players of the year, two world record holders and two national championship teams – to mention just a few of the accomplishments of this special collection of La Salle alumni and friends.

The Alumni Association inducted its first class in 1961. The inaugural class included the names synonymous with La Salle athletics: Tom Gola, Al Cantello, Ira Davis, Joe Verdeur and Francis Loughney.

To nominate a former athlete or view a full listing of all the Hall of Athletes inductees.

Women in Leadership Award

The La Salle Alumni Association’s Women in Leadership Award recognizes and honors outstanding women leaders from within the La Salle Community. Their work extends to various sectors of the economy and their achievements contribute greatly to local and university advancement while aligning with La Salle University’s mission.

These highly successful women are not only leaders but also advocates for the inclusion of women in leadership in business, government, education, religious life, family life and/or society. Their impact transcends socioeconomic status and their imprint is left on the hearts of those whom they lead.

Alpha Epsilon Alumni Honor Society

The Alpha Epsilon Alumni Honor Society was instituted in 1936 to recognize “high scholarship in the pursuit of a Lasallian education together with the exceptional participation in the extracurricular life of the University.”  Since its founding, many of La Salle’s finest alumni such as Hank DeVincent and Tom Gola have been proud to be counted in the Alpha Epsilon ranks.

Alpha Epsilon recognizes graduating seniors that are in the top 20 percent of their class who have been involved in campus activities including community service organizations, varsity sports, student governance, Greek life, performing arts groups, Ambassadors, student media groups, academic clubs, and intramurals.