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Board of Directors

The Alumni Association Board of Directors is comprised of 21 alumni volunteers who serve a three-year terms in three groups of seven members. Seven new directors are elected each year. All La Salle alumni are eligible to vote. Every two years, the 21 Board of Directors plus the immediate past president elect new officers of the Board: President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary.

The Alumni Association Board of Directors plays an important three-part role in the University community. Board members are responsible for establishing strategic goals for the creation and delivery of useful programs and services for all La Salle alumni. They also serve as the voice of alumni and represent the views of all graduates of the University. Finally, Directors are ambassadors of the University, helping alumni connect with one another and the campus community.

Nominations for the Alumni Association Board are always welcome. Please feel free to submit a nomination by emailing with the nominee’s name, activities you were involved with as a student at La Salle, description of how you have been engaged with the University since graduation, and why you or your nominee would be a great candidate for the Alumni Board of Directors.

Officers of the Board


Directors of the Board