Stay Current in Your Field

What are you doing to stay up-to-date in your field?  Whether you are happily at work in a job you love, seeking a new position, or looking to change careers, you must be able to demonstrate that you are actively continuing your professional development.

Include these activities on your resume, in a section titled “Professional Development” or something similar (probably at or near the end).

Here are some examples:

  • Extensive reading in the areas of X, Y, and Z. Most recently (title of book by a well-known author in your profession).
  • Stay current with emerging trends in field through podcasts such as (list 2-4 that are relevant).
  • Member or head of a committee in a professional association in your field. List contributions/accomplishments (not responsibilities or tasks) just as you would for a paid job.
  • Volunteer work that is relevant to your field which demonstrates that you are continuing to learn and contribute. Again, list contributions/accomplishments (not responsibilities or tasks) just as you would for a paid job.
  • Continuing education: courses, webinars, seminars, workshops, etc. 
  • Write an article on a current issue/trend in your field/industry by interviewing people in your target companies – get it published in your professional association newsletter, an online blog in your industry, etc. 
  • Contribute regularly to a blog in your field, or have your own blog where you make insightful contributions to your industry.
  • Prepare a workshop/seminar/presentation on a current topic in your field, and present at a professional association meeting, Chamber of Commerce, etc. 
  • Mentor someone, sharing your experience, wisdom, and knowledge of the field.
  • Contact your alumni association and offer to organize a networking event for alumni in your industry/field/major.

Need help coming up with ideas for your ongoing professional development, or figuring out how to include those in your resume and LinkedIn profile? Contact Debra Franke, Assistant Director of Alumni Career Programs, at or 215-991-3582.