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Center for Sales Excellence

Professor and three students looking at computer.

The Center for Sales Excellence at La Salle University (CSE) is a hub for the development and delivery of a premier sales education in the Mid-Atlantic region, with expertise in research and training. The CSE is based in the Department of Marketing of the La Salle University Business School.

The CSE is an associate member of the University Sales Center Alliance (USCA), a consortium of sales educators who are dedicated to advancing the sales profession through teaching, research, and outreach. We are also the first sales program in Pennsylvania to be recognized by the USCA.

The USCA consists of 52 universities from the U.S. and Europe dedicated to preparing students for success in professional sales roles.  USCA sales centers offer students an unmatched combination of specialized sales courses, mentors, internships, and other forms of actual sales experience to help students learn, develop, and sharpen their sales skills.  Students successfully completing these programs have shorter ramp-up times and out-produce those without this sort of specialized preparation.

Our real-world, practical curriculum, and engaged corporate partners, in a state-of-the art sales training lab and role-play rooms, have earned us the distinction of being named among the “Top Universities for Professional Sales Education in 2019” by the Sales Education Foundation.