PHEAA State Grant FAQs

This FAQ provides helpful information directly related to PHEAA, the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Authority. For more information about this grant, contact La Salle University’s Office of Financial Aid. You can also visit the PHEAA website.

How do I apply for a PHEAA (Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency) grant?

Pennsylvania residents may apply for a state grant by completing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) before May 1 for the next academic year. The Federal Processor sends the names and financial information for all Pennsylvania residents electronically to PHEAA. The PHEAA State Grant Division uses that financial information to determine your state grant eligibility, then notifies students directly of their award status.

PHEAA will request first-time students to complete an additional information form.

La Salle was not listed as my first choice on my FAFSA, how can I change it to get my PHEAA State Grant at La Salle?

PHEAA will base its award on the educational costs of the first college listed on the FAFSA. If this is not La Salle, you can make the change on the PHEAA State Grant website or by calling PHEAA at 1-800-692-7392.

Who is eligible for a PHEAA grant?

Eligible Pennsylvania residents must be enrolled at least half-time in an undergraduate degree program to be considered for a PHEAA Grant.

What can affect my PHEAA Grant amount?

The state grant awards are based on full-time, day enrollment costs. La Salle is required to report to PHEAA any change in housing, enrollment status, or financial circumstances. Once the state receives this information, the student’s state grant award will be recalculated. This may result in a change in the grant amount.

Why was my PHEAA State Grant reduced because I am an evening or part-time student?

One of the factors that determines your eligibility for a PHEAA State Grant is the cost of your program. Initially, the PHEAA State Grant Division assumes that you are a full-time day student. If you are an evening or part-time student with greatly reduced costs, then this may cause a reduction in the original amount of your PHEAA State Grant when Financial Aid reports your correct enrollment status to PHEAA.

On my FAFSA, I indicated that I was going to live in the dorms but I am now going to commute from my parent’s home. What should I do?

Students who make any changes in residency should contact the Office of Financial Aid at 215-951-1070 or email as soon as possible to determine if the change will affect your financial aid package. Going from dorm to commuter status can also have an effect on your PHEAA State Grant, You should contact PHEAA directly by calling 1-800-692-7392.

As a part-time student, what will this do to my PHEAA State Grant?

Your original award is based on full-time attendance. As a student who is taking less than 12 but more than 6 credits in a term, your State Grant may be reduced.

As a part-time student, why does my employer have to complete the tuition reimbursement form each semester?

PHEAA requires this verification process. The form is available here.

How many semesters of PHEAA State Grant can I receive?

Eight (8) full-time semesters or 16 part-time semesters, or any combination of both.

I made academic progress for my federal and La Salle aid, but I did not make progress for my PHEAA State Grant. Why?

PHEAA State Grant has its own standards of academic progress apart from the federal and La Salle policies. Basically, for every two semesters of full-time State Grant that you receive, you must earn 24 credits. If you receive two part-time State Grants, then you must earn 12 credits to make progress. All appeals of State Grant progress must sent directly to PHEAA State Grant Division. You may call them at 1-800-692-7392 for additional information.

I have a special circumstance that I would like to be taken into account in determining my PHEAA State Grant. How do I do this?

All letters of appeal of your PHEAA Grant eligibility should be sent directly to the PHEAA State Grant Division. Please visit the PHEAA website to find the forms required to report income changes.