SAGE Scholars – Tuition Rewards ®

To help make a high-quality college education financially accessible to more families, La Salle University is an active participant and member in the Tuition Rewards program, sponsored by SAGE Scholars (Savings and Growth for Education), an independent organization.

By investing or saving with participating banks, credit unions, 529 Plans and other financial institutions, family members can earn “points” to provide students with guaranteed minimum scholarships at a national consortium of participating independent colleges, including La Salle University. Starting with the freshman year, the points can be redeemed for up to the full cost of base tuition and spread evenly over four undergraduate years.  Tuition Rewards are provided regardless of the income or assets of the student or the student’s family.

The student’s Tuition Rewards statement must be submitted through the Account Statement page at the time the student applies for admission to La Salle University.  Statements submitted after La Salle has prepared a financial aid package for the student may invalidate the use of Tuition Rewards.