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Cloud Storage with OneDrive

One Drive for Business logoLa Salle University provides a subscription to Microsoft Office 365 to faculty, staff, and students that includes access to the OneDrive cloud storage solution. Please note that this OneDrive account is only available for active La Salle students and employees.

To access OneDrive for Business and other Office 365 tools, visit and sign in with your LUNA credentials.
With OneDrive and Office 365, you can:

  • Share ideas by posting to a newsfeed
  • Follow people, documents, and tags to keep informed about activities and updates
  • Create team sites and document libraries to keep documents organized
  • Control who can see your documents, inside and outside your organization
  • Collaborate on Office documents like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Create lists, calendars, and templates that your whole team can use
  • Sync a document library to a folder on your computer, so you can easily get to your files

Need help using OneDrive for Business? Check out the tutorials.

Staying Safe: Encrypt Any Sensitive Data

Storing files in the cloud is a great way to collaborate with colleagues.  However, FERPA regulations mandate that employees carefully consider what data is shared online.  Any cloud service has the possibility of being compromised, and it is the responsibility of each individual to keep their files safe and secure.

Microsoft Office includes the ability to password protect Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files with minimal effort.  To apply password protection to a file with sensitive data in MS Office, go to File > Info > Protect Document > Encrypt with Password.  For more detailed instructions, see Microsoft’s support resources.

Avoid sharing passwords with colleagues in email when collaborating on password-protected files. Instead, share passwords in-person or over the phone.

What Needs to Be Encrypted?

When in doubt, encrypt a document before posting it online.  If a file contains any type of identifiable student information including, but not limited to student names, emails, addresses, grades, and financial aid information, then that file must be encrypted.

Even if files don’t contain sensitive information, storing files on a University-supported cloud service like OneDrive requires users to make additional considerations for possibilities including that data may be compromised or shared unintentionally or access could be lost temporarily due to internet outages or permanently due to leaving the institution. La Salle users should only use OneDrive for job-related purposes, create regular back-ups, and follow best practices when sharing confidential data. For more information, see the Confidential Data Policy on the La Salle portal.

If you have any questions, please contact the IT Helpdesk.