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Portfolium Folio in Canvas

Portfolium Folio Network, provided by Instructure, the parent company of Canvas, is an electronic portfolio built to showcase the achievements, projects, and competencies of students to potential employers, serving as an expanded resume or CV.  Users can organize learning artifacts, connect with other Portfolium users and curate content to help showcase your skills to potential employers. This tool is separate from the native ePortfolio tool available in Canvas; in the future, Canvas will develop a transition plan to deprecate ePortfolio.

Portfolium Network is a free ePortfolio platform where students can create their Folio while they are still in school and continue adding to it as they enter the professional world. Institutions can utilize the Canvas Outcomes Assessment Platform to help students build their Folios and assess their programs for effectiveness. Additionally, both Portfolium Network and the Canvas Outcomes Assessment Platform integrate seamlessly with Canvas.

Instructors:  The current integration does not include the Pathways or Outcomes Assessment features of Portfolium.

At this time, users cannot access Folio via the Canvas Student or Teacher apps. If using a mobile device, please complete these steps in your web browser (Chrome is recommended).

Why are we building digital portfolios?

While you don’t need to build your own portfolio, it’s always a good idea to try out what your students are doing to get ahead of their questions. Build out your profile, connect with other instructors using Folio, and check out some of the featured projects to see just how easy and great Portfolium can be! In Canvas, the tool is called “Folio”!

How To Set Up A Folio Account

  1. Log in to Canvas
  2. In the Global navigation, click on “Account”
  3. Select “Folio” from the drop down menu
  4. Click on your name to be taken to Portfolium

Profile Settings:

The best way to link too many social profiles is directly in your profile found under Me > Settings

  • Profile > Username:

Update username to create a custom URL:
https:// portfolium. com/ BlinkyBill

  • Profile > Birthday

Changes to Profile will require updating your Birthday with something.
(We recommended not to use your real birthday.)

  1. Profile > Social URLs Supported:

Facebook URL
Instagram URL
LinkedIn URL
GitHub URL
Personal URL (Your own web site.)

  1. Email:

Use the [ADD NEW EMAIL] option to add an email address.

Connected Apps:

  • Allows you to share project with other services: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.
  • Allows you to import content from other services: Badgr, Credly, Google.

Additional Profile Elements.

When adding AccomplishmentsCertifications or Athletics; use relative images or icons to make your profile more exciting. Adding these items without images can look strange as Portfolium will often show a placeholder image instead. (Resumes do not have an image option.)

320786_pastedImage_1.pngPlease take note of copyright licenses when doing so.

Adding Attachments – Reference Table

Upload files
PDF Viewable as PDF. Limited features. Basic URLs enabled.
DOCX / DOC Converted to PDF. Limited features. Basic URLs enabled.
PPTX / PPT Converted to PDF.
XLSX / XLS Converted to PDF – All worksheets included
(Probably using Print Page layout view.)
JPEG / JPG Converted to JPEG.
GIF / Animated GIF Converted to JPEG. (Animated GIF – First Frame)
SVG Download Link Only – No Preview
CSV Download Link Only – No Preview
AI   (Illustrator) Converted to PDF.  (Results may vary from original image)
PSD (Photoshop) Converted to PDF.  (Results may vary from original image)
MP3 Preview Audio Player
WAV Download Link Only – No Preview
MP4 Not Supported. (Recommend YouTube etc. as an alternative.)
ZIP Not Supported.
(Use Google.Drive or DropBox etc. as an alternative with link.)
 Paste a link
YouTube Plays in Project View
Vimeo Plays in Project View Plays in Project View Plays in Project View Plays in Project View
Most URLs Shows Link Only – No Preview
Swinburne Commons –

Shows Link Only – No Preview
(Same for direct Kaltura video links.)
Google Docs Shows Link Only – No Preview Shows Link – with Sway Image Preview[project] Shows Link – with Image Preview[model] Shows Link – with Image Preview[article] Shows Link – with Image Preview
H5P Shows Link – with Image Preview Badge URL Shows Link – with Image Preview
(Use Profile Settings to Import Data from Badgr.)
LinkedIn Profile URL Not Supported.  (Use Profiles Settings to Add LinkedIn profile.)

NOTES: All original uploaded files, can be downloaded even if converted for Project View. For PDFs, some media embeds work only if they have URL link alternative. Projects with many different file types or links may take longer to load as the Project Viewer will load all supporting files and play-back scripts needed at the same time.

File Visibility

Visibility Options:

  • Public: accessible to all, will show up in Google searches; will appear in the any tagged page in Portfolium
  • Portfolium Members: accessible to all with Portfolium accounts inside and outside of La Salle Univesity; will appear in the any tagged page in Portfolium
  • Connections: accessible to your connections on Portfolium and anyone you provide the shareable link to directly
  • Private: visible only to you and anyone you provide the shareable link to directly

Enabling Comments allows for other Portfolium users to add comments or ask questions about your project. This option allows for interaction about your project on Portfolium. Consider the Visibility and Comments options when importing your work.

Security Clearance | Privacy Settings

Want to learn more about how to use Folio? Check out the tutorials available from Instructure: