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Research by Meghan Pierce, Ph.D., and La Salle students helped assess the significant impact of a Northwest Philadelphia nonprofit. A state-issued ID card—nothing more than a thin, three-inch piece of plastic—can […]

Marketing and finance double-major Alexis Sanchez, ’25, is the first woman to play the part in at least the last seven seasons.  Alexis Sanchez, ’25, attended a La Salle men’s […]

La Salle experts weigh in on the current supply chain crisis The U.S. supply-chain bottleneck is about to get even tighter—and at one of the most-inopportune times. A few of […]

Inspired by sister’s battle with addiction, Adam Al-Asad, ’21, has established a network of recovery houses called Savage Sisters. When Adam Al-Asad, ’21, bought a home in South Philadelphia, he […]

  Marketing professor Swee-Lim Chia, Ph.D., joined the 20th & Olney podcast to discuss consumer behavior—during and, eventually, after the pandemic. The coronavirus pandemic has altered so much about daily […]

Through La Salle, Marni Quevedo built her business acumen There’s a big difference between the Marni Quevedo, ’21, who entered La Salle University in 2017, and the Marni Quevedo who […]

Adam Al-Asad, ’21, continues to provide shelter and resources for Philadelphians in recovery. Working full-time as a home healthcare aide enabled Adam Al-Asad, ’21, to pay his way through Philadelphia […]