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Karen Martinez, ’25, and Kayla Zaruma, ’25, may have different majors but the family members are cheering each other on to the finish line of graduation.

Research by Meghan Pierce, Ph.D., and La Salle students helped assess the significant impact of a Northwest Philadelphia nonprofit. A state-issued ID card—nothing more than a thin, three-inch piece of plastic—can […]

Marketing and finance double-major Alexis Sanchez, ’25, is the first woman to play the part in at least the last seven seasons.  Alexis Sanchez, ’25, attended a La Salle men’s […]

La Salle experts weigh in on the current supply chain crisis The U.S. supply-chain bottleneck is about to get even tighter—and at one of the most-inopportune times. A few of […]

Inspired by sister’s battle with addiction, Adam Al-Asad, ’21, has established a network of recovery houses called Savage Sisters. When Adam Al-Asad, ’21, bought a home in South Philadelphia, he […]

  Marketing professor Swee-Lim Chia, Ph.D., joined the 20th & Olney podcast to discuss consumer behavior—during and, eventually, after the pandemic. The coronavirus pandemic has altered so much about daily […]

Through La Salle, Marni Quevedo built her business acumen There’s a big difference between the Marni Quevedo, ’21, who entered La Salle University in 2017, and the Marni Quevedo who […]

Adam Al-Asad, ’21, continues to provide shelter and resources for Philadelphians in recovery. Working full-time as a home healthcare aide enabled Adam Al-Asad, ’21, to pay his way through Philadelphia […]