Political Science, Philosophy, and Economics (B.A.)

  • Major, Minor
  • 4-year, On Campus

Career Opportunities

Backed by their own first-hand ability to research, think critically, make evidence-based arguments, and address political and policy issues, students will be competent and prepared to handle their selected discipline’s field and what comes their way. Our graduates have found themselves in high-level government positions, nonprofits, institutions of higher learning, and more.

Daynell Wright, ’01, M.A. ’24

As Daynell Wright, ’01, M.A. ’24, prepares to receive her diploma at the 2024 Commencement, she talks about what being an Explorer means to her.   

Karen Martinez, ’25, and Kayla Zaruma, ’25

Karen Martinez, ’25, and Kayla Zaruma, ’25, may have different majors but the family members are cheering each other on to the finish line of graduation.