Career Opportunities

Graduates from the Sociology program have started careers in research, government, community services organizations, non-profits, health agencies and case managers. Students develop skills in social science research, statistics, and data analysis. Graduate of La Salle’s Sociology program have taken many different paths after graduation, including (but not limited to):

  • Data analyst
  • Rehabilitation counseling or substance abuse programs
  • Youth counselor
  • Case worker
  • Graduate and law school
  • Community service and non-profit organizations
  • Government agencies/civil service
  • Human resources
  • Public health

Internship Opportunities

The link between the theories, best practices learned in class, and the practical application of that knowledge in a professional setting is a quintessential Lasallian tradition. Your internship allows you to take the academic ideas and theories you have learned in class and apply that knowledge in a real-world setting where you will be mentored by experienced professionals in criminal justice, legal, government, advocacy, and nonprofit settings. Our students have completed internships at organizations such as:

  • City Council Offices, Philadelphia
  • CHOP, Violence Prevention Initiative
  • Uncommon Individual Foundation
  • World Affairs Council
  • GIRLS, Inc.
  • U.S. Attorney’s Office

Charles Gallagher, Ph.D.

Charles A. Gallagher is a professor in the Sociology and Criminal Justice Department at La Salle University. His research focuses on social inequality, race relations, and immigration and has published over 50 articles, reviews, and books on these topics. As a nationally recognized expert on race, immigration, and social inequality, Gallagher has given over 60 talks on these topics around the country, serves as an expert witness on civil rights cases, and is a frequent media source on these issues, appearing in the press, television and radio interviews over 100 times. In 2016, he was selected to serve as a Fulbright Scholar in the UK where he studied residents’ views on immigration. He also serves as Senior Fellow at Yale University’s Urban Ethnography Project.

Students in the Class of 2028 are visiting 20th and Olney this summer for new student orientation.  

Lincoln Financial Field

The new program will give students a comprehensive understanding of the sports business world.

Intizorhon Fataeva, ’24, and Wilkes Pierce, ’25.

Intizorhon Fataeva, ’24, and Wilkes Pierce, ’25, received a valuable educational experience from the opportunity.