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Explorer to Explorer Mentor Program

La Salle University’s Explorer to Explorer Mentor Program provides an exciting opportunity for alumni and students to create a mutually rewarding relationship by facilitating the development of students through offering professional advice, assistance and guidance.

Participants are matched based on commonalities in their personal and professional profiles.  Similarities in undergraduate profile:  major, minor, club activity, and student’s location, help match alumni and students.

Program Goals

  • Provide positive role models who share insight into their undergraduate experiences and career paths as adults.
  • Introduce the idea of building long-term relationships, networking, and the opportunity to practice and refine those skills.
  • Motivate students to work toward long-term goals through internships, part-time employment, networking forums, full-time employment and graduate school.
  • Inspire students to pursue opportunities to get involved within their major and with extracurricular activities.
  • Offer career guidance and general professional advice to undergraduates.

Who are the mentors?

Mentors may be alumni from any of La Salle’s undergraduate, graduate, and/or professional schools. As such, mentors have a unique understanding of the La Salle experience and a commitment to helping students achieve success.

Mentors must be at least three years out from graduation, but otherwise, range in age, experience, and realm of expertise. Mentor professions include lawyers, artists, physicians, finance professionals, marketing executives, publishers—the list goes on!

Expectations of the Mentors

The role of the mentor is to inspire, encourage and provide regular, ongoing support.  Mentor/mentee pairs determine their own plan for interaction over the course of the academic year.  The program has been designed to be flexible for alumni and students.  Mentors and mentees have control over the relationship and can determine the best practices for a successful school year.

  • Set your expectations about when and how you will connect with your mentee.  Regular check-ins could establish a better rapport.  One meeting is required (either in person or via phone/video chat) and a typical number of contacts in an academic year is 3-5.
  • Approach your mentoring relationship with respect, professionalism, and an open mind.
  • Respond to communications from your mentee in a timely manner.
  • Attendance at the “Meet Your Mentor/Mentee Social” is required for both mentors and mentees.
  • Training will be provided to prepare all mentors to adequately provide your mentees with the resources needed to navigate their academic experience.
  • Tell your classmates and members of your La Salle network about your mentoring experiences!  As a growing program, we rely on word-of-mouth referrals to promote the program.
  • Send your feedback and suggestions for improvements periodically to Trey Ulrich at  We greatly appreciate your candid feedback.

Become a Mentor Today

If interested in becoming an Explorer Mentor, please register by August 6, 2021.  Complete our introductory survey in preparation for the “Meet Your Mentor/Mentee  Virtual Social.”