Have a programming idea? Not sure how to get started? Use the resources below and contact the CAC staff early so we can help you plan!

Programming Successfully

For ANY form of programming it is best that you request it/start planning as soon as you have the idea. MOST FORMS OF PROGRAMMING REQUIRE AT LEAST SIX WEEKS TO PLAN. If you don’t come to us with at least six weeks lead time we cannot guarantee that it is doable. This is particularly important if you are going to be bringing in off-campus vendors or guests or paying for services. For more information on programming read the Guidelines for Student Programming linked below.

La Salle University COVID Programming Protocol


Types of Funding Available

For all forms of funding, start by filling out the Information Request Form so we can help you get to the right place.

If you are looking to host a fundraiser, please fill out the Fundraising Request Form. Please review the Fundraising Policy 2019.

Funding Board Information

Funding Board Schedule Fall 2019-2020

FB Guidelines 2019- 2020

Registered Student Organization Credit Card Use Policy

RSOs may use university credit cards to make small purchases. For information please read the Credit Card Policy.

FAQs and Common Mistakes

  • GOOD STANDING – All RSOs must maintain good standing with the university or they will loose the ability to acquire funding, reserve spaces, etc. Go here to find out how to stay in Good Standing.
  • RESERVE ROOMS – my going to the portal → Campus Resources → Reservation System. Rooms fill up fast, so reserve them as soon as you know you need it. The room IS NOT reserved until you get a confirmation. Your submission only means you have requested the space.
  • FUNDRAISING – You must get permission prior to reserving a space to fundraise or holding a fundraiser. Go here to submit the form.
  • PROGRAMMING – The energy for your program has to come from you/your organization. Be realistic with yourselves about planning/timelines.
  • OFF-CAMPUS GUESTS – Even if you aren’t paying them, if they are coming on campus for any official capacity they will need to complete waivers.
  • DEADLINES – They are not arbitrary. If you miss one we may not be able to help you.
  • ADVERTISING – Flyers must be approved and stamped by the INFO CENTER in the Union Lobby, and can only be posted in designated flyer areas. Off-campus programs cannot be advertised on campus. Remember when you are planning your programs that your event will only be successful if people know about it… an advertising plan is just as important as the actual program.

Student Organization Nuts and Bolts Training PowerPoint

Click below to access the PowerPoint from the Fall Training to help remind you of requirements, etc.

Nuts & Bolts Training 2019