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The De La Salle Institute for Teaching and Learning (DLSI), reflecting the principles of the Lasallian educational legacy, supports both the development and use of evidence-based teaching practices that lead to meaningful student learning, and the systematic and scholarly inquiry into that teaching and learning.


Frank Mosca

Frank J. Mosca, Ph.D
Associate Professor, Education

Director, De La Salle Institute for Teaching & Learning

Frank J. Mosca, Ph.D has been member of the Education Department at La Salle University since 1999. He’s a former department chair, has been actively engaged in numerous university and department committees, and served for many years on the faculty senate. He was previously a member of the faculty at The George Washington University, and began his career as a teacher of children with emotional and behavioral disabilities in Gloversville, NY and Madison, WI.

His curiosity about teaching and learning has led to an exploration of progressive and other transformative pedagogies, which was facilitated by spending a year as the interim “head of school” at a progressive elementary school in Rose Valley, PA. Central to his philosophy of education is the importance of relationships in facilitating a positive learning environment in classrooms, and the application of evidence-based strategies to maximize learning.