Ways to Pay for College


Financial Aid refers to any resource provided to you to help you meet your educational expenses. There are multiple types of financial aid. Qualifications for each type of financial aid may vary and many students receive a combination of awards from different types of aid in a financial aid package.

Ways to pay for college include:


Scholarships are awards that do not need to be repaid. Scholarships are awarded based on academic achievement, demonstrated excellence of a special talent, community service, and/or financial need. Students must separately apply for scholarships that are awarded through private sources, such as foundations, employers, schools, and religious institutions. La Salle University awards scholarships based on academic merit and athletic performance (in compliance with NCAA Division 1 regulations).
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Grants are awards that do not need to be repaid. They are usually awarded based on determination of financial need. Funds are made available through the state or federal government, as well as La Salle University.
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Federal and Alternative Loans

Loans are an important part of financing a college education and can bridge the gap between your financial aid package and what you owe. Loans are funds that are borrowed and must be repaid, with interest, after the student is no longer enrolled. Loans are funded by the federal government as well as private lenders. There are need-based and non-need based Federal loan programs with fixed-interest rates for students and parents. Alternative Education Loans are available from private lenders.
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Student Employment

Student Employment refers to federal Work-Study assistance provided through part-time employment during the school year. Students receive funds in the form of a paycheck. Students who are not eligible to receive Federal Work-Study may still work part-time on campus through jobs paid by the departments’ budgets.
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Tuition Exchange

Tuition Exchange (TE) is a competitive scholarship program, and involves a non-profit consortium of more than 400 colleges and universities. Dependents of La Salle University full-time faculty and staff (full-time staff who have five full years of service) are eligible to apply according to the same policies governing tuition remission benefits. Normally, TE scholarships cover either a portion or full tuition for the term of the award, and must be re-certified each academic year for up to four years or eight semesters.
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