Beyond the Classroom

College isn’t just about what’s inside of a classroom, even for Honors students. As an Explorer, you thrive on adventure, enlightenment, and interaction. And in the Honors Program, you are given those experiences in a unique and special way.


Students in the Honors Program function and thrive as a cohort, in the classroom and beyond. You will attend most of your classes together, you will study together, experience Honors Labs together, live together in Honors housing, and hang out together.  These students will not only challenge you academically but will also inspire you as you forge lifelong friendships.

With more than 120 student organizations, Honors students are involved in numerous activities, both in the Honors Program and across campus, including:

  • Serving on the Honors Board
  • Working on community service projects
  • Participation in a wide variety of varsity and club sports:
  • Membership and optional leadership positions in campus-wide organizations including:
    • The Students’ Government Association
    • The Resident Students’ Association
    • The Collegian (La Salle’s student newspaper)
    • The Explorer (La Salle’s yearbook)
    • Resident Student Association
    • The Masque at La Salle (theater)

Honors students also take advantage of travel/study courses and semesters studying abroad, which provide opportunities for them to explore the world while embracing learning relevant to their current curriculum. Honors students have recently traveled to:

  • England
  • Vietnam
  • Denmark
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Ireland