The Honors Difference

As a student in La Salle’s Honors Program, you’ll be ranked among the most driven and highly-motivated students across the nation. With a dynamic educational community shaped by Lasallian values and academic excellence, you will receive a comprehensive, well-rounded college experience, in the classroom, around campus, and beyond—described by many as a national model.


That’s because the experience you receive in our program is a University-wide, meticulously crafted commitment to your education and your journey as a lifelong learner.

La Salle’s Honors Program Offers:

  • Honors Triple
    Unique and innovative, the Honors Triple is the intense but transformative hallmark of La Salle’s Honors Program in which first-year students dive into in a group of linked courses, such as literature, history, and philosophy, with a cohort of the same group of students and same professors over the course of two semesters.
  • Individualized Attention– With classes between 18-20 students, you’re more than a number in the Honors classrooms. Students and faculty build lasting mentorships and relationships with each other.
  • Honors Program Labs
    Philadelphia acts as an extended classroom as students experience the artistic and cultural variety of the region through museums, theater, ballet, symphony, and more.
  • The Honors Community
    Honors Program students live and learn together, motivating each other and collaborating along the way. Honors students receive priority housing in one of La Salle’s Residence Halls.
  • Honors Electives
    Honors students choose from an array of fascinating Honors electives offered covering business, the physical sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Recent seminars include topics such as Women and Gender in Islam, Bob Dylan and the Sixties, and Immigrant Philadelphia: Past and Present.
  • The Honors Project
    Each student’s Honors education prepares them for the Honors project during their senior year which showcases an articulate perspective on a subject of their choice.
  • Lasallian Values
    Students round out their core education with courses in religion and ethics to further emphasize La Salle’s mission of service and dedication to the enrichment of the whole person.

La Salle’s Honors Program has developed a reputation for producing alumni who combine the pursuit of excellence in their chosen fields with a commitment to collaboration that builds community – two qualities nurtured first in the Honors Triple and the residential community. They also embody the Program’s encouragement to ask the “impertinent questions” that shake the foundations of settled knowledge and behavior to create new ways of thinking, doing, and exploring.

Additional information can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page.