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Frequently Asked Questions

The APA accredited Program leading to the Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) is a professional program intended for those students who have completed a bachelor’s degree in psychology, or a related field, or for those students who hold a master’s degree in a mental health discipline. It is a 5-year full time program that has a partial part-time option that allows two levels of the program to be completed over 4 calendar years for a maximum time frame of 7 years from entry to degree completion. The Program follows the practitioner-scholar model of training clinical psychologists, and as such, an intensive integration of theory research and practice is stressed throughout the entire course of study.

When is the deadline for application materials?
The deadline for application materials and all supporting documents is January 8 of the year in which you are applying for admission.

Can I apply online?
Yes, you can apply online by clicking here. In order to submit your application you will need to upload a current Curriculum Vitae or resume as well as your statement of interest and intent indicating your reasons for applying to the Psy.D. program. You will also be asked for the email contact information for those writing your letters of recommendation. We recommend that you have all of these materials with you when you start your application.

How many students will be accepted?
On average we will be admitting 25 students per year.

What are the admission requirements?
The Graduate Record Examination General Test is required of all entering students; The Subject Test in Psychology must also be submitted from those entering with a BA/BS degree or a MA/MS degree in a non-related field.Evidence of an earned baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution with a major in psychology or a related discipline. Those entering with a B.A. must have a grade-point-average of 3.2 on a 4.0 scale; those with an M.A., a 3.5. The record should show the completion of at least 15 hours in psychology with particular reference to General Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Statistics, Research Methods and Tests and Measurements (Students lacking these required courses will be required to complete them prior to matriculation).

Foreign students must present an acceptable TOEFL score and all international academic credentials must be reviewed by WES.

In addition, all applicants submit three letters of recommendation and a statement of their professional goals.

How many semester credit hours is the program?
In keeping with other Psy.D. Programs, the program is 114 semester credit hours.

Where have the Psy.D. students been placed for externships and internships over the past few years?
Click here for a list.

How many of my master's credits may I transfer?
Students who have completed graduate work in psychology or a closely related discipline, may have up to 18 credits of foundations course-work transferred. Only foundation courses will be considered for transfer. Under no circumstances will clinical skills courses be eligible for transfer. Courses that can be considered for transfer are: Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Personality and Individual Differences, Cognitive Psychology, Psychological Measurement and Statistical Analysis and Research Methodology. Credit may be awarded for previous course-work in these areas that meet the Program's equivalency criteria with regard to course content and competency level. Students must submit written request for transfer prior to beginning class in level I and include syllabi and any other supporting documentation. Faculty will evaluate the syllabi/documentation submitted and will recommend transfer if the previous course overlaps with the La Salle University course syllabus by 80%, and the student passes the appropriate part of the foundations examination given to doctoral students. Decisions in this regard will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Is relevant work experience acceptable for credit in any form?
No. Doctoral practicum is a unique training experience and prior work experience and/or Masters level practicum experiences will not be transferred.

Are the GRE’s required?
The GRE general exam is required for everyone that applies to the PsyD program. The GRE subject exam is also required; however the GRE subject section can be waived for applicants that have a completed MA/MS degree in psychology.

If I take the GRE more than once, will you take the best score from each section?
Yes, the admissions committee will accept the highest score from each section of the GRE’s.

When are the interviews held?
We usually have two interview days in March. We will interview approximately 50 applicants on each interview day.

When are the PsyD classes held?
Classes meet on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for level 1 students. Classes meet on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for all other levels. Our classes can start as early as 9am and can go as late as 8pm.

Can I take PsyD classes at your Bucks or Montgomery campus?
No, our PsyD classes are only held on the main campus in Northwest Philadelphia.

How long will it take to complete the program?
There are 5 levels to our program. If you attend full time then the program can be completed in 5 years. Our program must be completed within 7 calendar years. This means you can choose two levels to attend part time but the other 3 levels must be completed full time. If you choose the part time option you may still be required to attend classes during the day. Choosing the part time option will only lessen your course load, it won't accommodate a person working a full time job.

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