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Map & Directions
La Salle is located in Philadelphia, a progressive metropolitian area. Click on this link for directions to campus.

Financial Aid Resources
These links to APA's Student Financial Aid Pages and Peterson's Web Site lead to information about how to finance your advanced degree, including through loans, grants, employment on campus, and off-campus jobs.

Optional Scholarship

La Salle Community Center for Counseling and Psychological Services
Our onsite community clinic provides opportunities for closely supervised work with a variety of clients. Treatment teams consisting of a faculty member, a doctoral intern, and doctoral students collaborate in the creation of appropriate assessment batteries and effective treatment plans. Students also work with faculty on treatment process and outcome research projects and dissertations.

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historical, cultural, and entertainment opportunities
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Preparing for your career as a Clinical Psychologist
Click here to print or read an article about how to prepare for your career in psychology. The links below also offer useful advice about pursuing a career as a Clinical Psychologist.

Our library subscribes to PsycINFO, the main reference database for psychological journal and books. Students can find articles and books on various topics through this service. It can be accessed through La Salle University's main page using the Connelly Library link. From there, follow the links to the electronic database link and choose psychology, or just click on Psychology here! The first database listed will be PsycINFO. On campus access is automatic. To use PsycINFO from home, you will need to get a password from a librarian.

American Psychological Association Student Page
Click here to view information that APA has compiled for students.

Divisions of the American Psychological Association
Click here to see a listing of all of the specialty Divisions of the American Psychological Association (e.g., Clinical Psychology, Psychology of Women, Psychology of Religion, Health Psychology, Sports Psychology, Psychotherapy, Hypnosis, International Psychology, Rehabilitation Psychology, Family Psychology, to name a few). Becoming a student member of a Division in which you have a particular interest is a good way to learn more about an area and meet psychologists who share your interests.

American Psychological Association E-mail Directory
APA members can find colleagues' e-mail addresses by clicking here: APA e-mail directory.

Other Professional Societies.
Joining professional organizations is a good way to become familiar with the field and profession, as well as meet future colleagues. There are many major psychological organizations that have student memberships. Click here to read descriptions of these organizations. You can download the Student Membership Application for the Pennsylvania Psychological Association by clicking here.

Listserv about Dissertation Issues
The Association for Support of Graduate Students (ASGS) sponsors a listserv that is dedicated to the topic of dissertations. It is called "Doc-talk" ( To subscribe, click here, and send the message "subscribe youremailaddress" without any subject entered. For more information, e-mail ASGS at

Internship Information Web Sites
Click on the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral & Internship Centers (APPIC) link or APA internship link to learn more about internships for students in doctoral programs.

Look for a post-doctoral position or a job
Click here to browse through the APA Classified Ads. Jobs and post-doctoral positions are listed by state. Within state, jobs are typically listed first, followed by post-doctoral positions.

Licensure Information
This link to the web site run by the Association for State and Provincial Psychology Boards (click here for the ASPPB site) can be very helpful.

Laws governing the practice of psychology:
(Laws governing the practice of psychology in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and New York will be added when links are determined.) 

Chapter 41 of the PA code
PA Practice Act

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