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Five-Year Option

B.A./M.A. Option

Students who are History majors or Secondary Education/History majors may apply for “Graduate Standing” at the end of their junior year (a total of 90 credits).  To be eligible, students must have earned a minimum GPA of 3.0. If their application is approved by the History Admissions Committee, such students may take up to two (6 hours) graduate history courses during their senior year.  These courses may be then applied to the B.A. as well as the M.A. Moreover, these two graduate courses, when combined with six graduate History hours during the summer following graduation and nine hours each semester during their fifth year, will allow these students to complete all requirements for the M.A. in History by the end of their fifth year.

Margaret M. McCoey, M.S.

George B. Stow, Ph.D.

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