Certifying Enrollment and Contact Information

The Office of the Registrar certifies the enrollment of all eligible veterans, dependents, and members of the Reserves and National Guard who choose to use their veteran’s education benefits. The Department of Veterans Affairs determines the eligibility of each veteran. Benefits are dependent on the student’s enrollment status at La Salle University. Initial certification claims are typically paid within 8-10 weeks of submission.

If you are a new student at La Salle University and would like to apply for veteran’s education benefits please contact:

Erin Farley-Brown
Assistant Registrar
SCO Veterans Benefits

For general questions concerning your education eligibility please contact the Department of Veterans Affairs at 1-888-442-4551 or visit http://www.gibill.va.gov.

Change in Status

If you are using GI Bill benefits, you must report any course changes during the term, to keep your file updated, and to avoid any unnecessary overpayment of benefits which could result in a debt to the VA or La Salle University as a result.

When your status changes, it could affect your benefits:

  • Failing classes
  • Dropping or withdrawal from a course
  • Stop attending or failure to attend
  • Adding a course

All risk the proper payment of your benefits. We ask that you e-mail farleybrown@lasalle.edu with any of these changes. We will respond that the change was received. Please take note that if that benefit was paid out prior that an overpayment may still be reflected.