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Dual Admission

For a seamless transfer experience, La Salle has partnered with numerous community colleges in the region to offer Dual Admission. Transfer students enrolled in eligible associate’s degree programs, and who meet the Dual Admission requirements, will be guaranteed admission into one of La Salle’s bachelor’s degree programs. Benefits include the Dual Admission Achievement Scholarship (for full-time students only) and a Core-to-Core component that essentially waives the La Salle’s general Core requirements upon completion of the associate’s degree earned at the partner school.

Students who follow the recommended sequence of coursework in the full-time program will be able to complete their bachelor’s degree at La Salle in two years (or in three years for the Nursing program).  Contact our transfer admission counselor at, with any questions – we’re here to help every step of the way!

Expanded Partnership program with Manor College: Specialized Nursing 2+2

La Salle University’s Dual Admission partnership with Manor College has been expanded to include a Specialized Nursing option. Learn More.

Partner Schools

Select a college listed below to see which bachelor’s degree programs are available to transfer into.

Brookdale Community College

Brookdale Community College

La Salle University

A.S. Business Administration B.B.A. Business Administration, Accounting, Business Systems and Analytics, Finance, International Business, Marketing and Management and Leadership
A.S. Math/Science Program, Biology option B.S. Biology
A.S. Math/Science Program, Science option B.S. Biology, Chemistry or Biochemistry
A.S. Math/Science Program, Chemistry option B.S. Chemistry
A.S. Math/Science Program, Math option B.A. Mathematics
A.S. Computer Science B.A. Computer Science
A.S. Criminal Justice and Corrections option B.A. Criminal Justice
A.S. Public Health B.S. Public Health
A.A. Social Sciences, History option B.A. History
A.A. Social Sciences Various majors
A.A. Social Sciences, Philosophy option B.A. Philosophy
A.A. Social Sciences, Political Science option B.A. Political Science
A.A. Social Sciences, Psychology option B.A. Psychology
A.A. Social Sciences, Health Science B.S.N. Nursing
A.S. Human Services Program, Pre-Social Work and Generalist options B.S.W. Social Work
A.A. Social Sciences, Sociology option B.A. Sociology
A.A. Humanities, Public Relations option B.A. Communication, Public Relations Track
A.A. Humanities, Journalism option B.A. Communication, Journalism Track
A.A. Humanities, English option B.A. English
A.S. Environmental Science B.S. Environmental Science
Middlesex County College

Middlesex County College

La Salle University

Allied Health Pre-Professional AHPP.AS Nursing or Nutrition
Biology-Science BIO.AS Biology
Business Administration BUS.AS Business Administration, Accounting, Business Systems and Analytics, Finance, International Business, Marketing and Management and Leadership
Business Information Systems BIS.AS Business Systems and Analytics
Chemistry-Science CHM.AS Chemistry
Computer Science CSC.AS Computer Science
Correction Administration CJC.AS Criminal Justice
Liberal Arts-General LAGEN.AA Various Liberal Arts Majors at La Salle
Liberal Arts-Communication LACOM.AA Communication
Liberal Arts – English LAENG.AA English
Liberal Arts-Global Studies LAGLB.AA International Relations
Liberal Arts-History LAHIS.AA History
Liberal Arts-Human Services LASRS.AA Social Work
Liberal Arts-Journalism LAJOU.AA Communication
Liberal Arts-Philosophy LAPHI.AA Philosophy
Liberal Arts-Political Science LAPOS.AA Political Science
Liberal Arts-Psychology LAPSY.AA Psychology
Liberal Arts-Social Sciences LASS.AA Political Science, Psychology or Sociology
Liberal Arts- Sociology LASOC.AA Sociology
Mathematics-Science MAT.AS Mathematics
Public Health PUBH.AS Public Health
Police Science CJP.AS Criminal Justice
Valley Forge Military College

Valley Forge Military College

La Salle University

Business Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Business Systems & Analytics, International Business, Management & Leadership, Business Administration
Criminal Justice Criminal Justice
Health Science Public Health
Liberal Arts Various Liberal Arts Majors