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Using Canvas

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Canvas is the Learning Management System (LMS) used for all classes at La Salle University. Canvas is a flexible tool created by a company called Instructure, that supports learning in face-to-face, hybrid, and online courses. It allows instructors to communicate and collaborate with students and provides a place to post course content, manage activities, and provide feedback to students. Canvas is the University-supported tool for integrating multimedia coursecontent, course communication, student assessments (quizzes, assignments, surveys, portfolios), and student grades to create cohesive, connected virtual spaces for classes here at La Salle. Canvas features a robust content editor, discussion boards, video, audio, and many other capabilities to help faculty easily connect with students and colleagues.

All La Salle instructors that are new to teaching online are encouraged to register with the ID Team to complete our training course called Teaching Online With La Salle. Check the Events page for registration. For faculty that need general support in using Canvas for online, hybrid, or face-to-face courses, see the list of modules in The Training Hub for resources on the essential features of Canvas or search the how-to guides available in the wider Canvas community. Students that need support in Canvas can go to the Student Guide and Resources.

Logging in to Canvas

To login to Canvas, go to and enter your username and password for the La Salle University portal. Find Canvas in the list and click the start to add to your favorites list. Click the Canvas link to get to your Canvas dashboard which will show all of the courses that you are enrolled in.

Additional Canvas Resources


Get Started with Canvas

If you are new to teaching online, contact the ID Team at to be added to our “Teaching Online With La Salle” online training course. This 4-week online course teaching the basics in online pedagogy and methods for designing a rigorous and engaging course. You will leave with a course map and final online course syllabus.

First Steps

If you are starting with an existing course, take a critical look at the content in your current course materials and also how you’d like students to navigate them. Is the content still relevant to your learning goals, or do you need to think about new additions to your course? Is it easy for students to find what they need in your course? Have you provided opportunities for communication and collaboration? Is your content accessible? If not, this is a great opportunity to think about making PDFs and PPTs accessible. Once you’ve reviewed these materials, or if you are designing a new course, download our La Salle Online CourseMap 2021 The course map will allow you to map out weekly objectives, topics, resources and assignments that are aligned with your Course Learning Objectives.”  Transfer your course map information into our online syllabus template. This template is an accessible document with all of the appropriate policies and information necessary for an online course at La Salle University.

What’s Next?

  • Email the Instructional Design Team at for a course Development Shell. This Dev Shell will include our online course template which has necessary online information and a consistent navigation experience for students.

  • Make an appointment with an Instructional Designer for a basic training and/or assistance in course development.

  • Review Quality Matters website for references and online course standards

Learn How To Use Canvas

Adding Content to a Canvas Course

Canvas Assessments

Grading in Canvas

Find Help and Support

ID Team Support

Walk-in: Lawrence Building, Room 307. Weekdays 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

IT Helpdesk Support

The IT Help Desk is staffed by professional consultants who are trained to assist you and your students with technical issues. You can contact the IT Help Desk in a variety of ways:

Website: IT Helpdesk Portal Page
Phone: 215-951-1860.
Walk-in: Haymen Hall, 2nd floor
Request a Bomgar Live Chat: by submitting a helpdesk ticket via email