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III. H. Off Campus Community Standards

  • General Expectations

    As a member of the local community, La Salle University is committed to assisting neighborhood residents with the prevention of disruptive incidents that may arise from student behavior. Most students who live temporarily in the local community make positive contributions but all must understand the behavior expected of them as residents of these communities. As members of both the University and their neighborhood community, students who live within walking distance of campus should demonstrate respect and concern for all members of both communities. The University imposes an obligation upon all students to behave as responsible citizens when in local neighborhoods. Furthermore, the University reserves the right to refer any student involved in disruptive or offensive behavior off-campus to the student disciplinary system for investigation and action. Such behavior includes, but is not limited to: excessive and/or unreasonable noise; rude and abusive language; large disruptive activities; illegal use, sale, and/or distribution of alcohol or other drugs; and, related violations of local community standards. The University will exercise discretion with disciplinary action against students for Off-Campus violations. Mediation efforts to resolve disputes with neighbors and/or landlords will precede formal University action; however, students should realize that disciplinary investigation and charges will be initiated when the University's interest, reputation, and/or capacity to function as an academic community is distinctly involved.

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