Application for Graduation

Who Should Apply to Graduate

Students who will complete requirements for a degree in a given semester must make a written application for graduation. “Applying to graduate” means you want your degree conferred and officially recorded on your academic transcript (whether or not you attend the commencement ceremony).

If you apply to graduate (receive your degree) in August, January or May, you are automatically eligible to participate in the May graduation ceremony.  You do not need to make a separate application to participate.

Graduation Term Graduation Date Deadline to Apply Requirements met by Degree Reflected on Transcript by
Fall 2022 1/15/2023 10/1/2022 1/14/2023 1/25/2023
Spring 2023 5/13/2023 1/24/2023 5/12/2023 5/26/2023
Summer 2023 8/31/2023 6/1/2023 8/30/2023 9/15/2023

How to Apply for Graduation

To apply for graduation students may log on to mylasalle. and search “Apply for Graduate“. After launching the service, follow the directions to complete the graduation application. The application will be submitted to the appropriate Dean’s or Program Director’s Office. Please check with your Dean’s/Program Director’s Office for deadline dates pertaining to each conferral of degree. No student will receive their degree (meaning you cannot graduate) without applying to do so. The $100 graduation fee will be assessed to accounts once the graduation application is processed by the Registrar’s Office.