Degree Works

Disclaimer: Degree Works is a degree auditing tool to help track academic progress but should not be used as a replacement for academic advising.  The audit produced by Degree Works is not an academic transcript and not official notification of degree completion.  Please speak with your academic adviser, department chair, or the Dean’s Office regarding official degree progress.

Degree Works is an easy-to-use set of online academic planning tools that help students and advisers see what courses and requirements students need to graduate.

The program makes it easy to manage and track your degree progress by:

• Delivering real-time academic advice conveniently online
• Keeping degree plans consistent, organized, and error-free
• Helping students achieve their degrees more quickly
• Reducing paperwork and manual program check sheets
• Keeping students and advisers aware of unique program changes

Degree Works is available through the portal under Tools. For specific instructions, please review the appropriate user guide below.
You can look at your Degree Works as often as you would like! Some of the most important times to look at it are:
• Before you register for each upcoming term: You should use it to view your requirements that you have left and which courses in the upcoming term might be offered.
• While you meet with your adviser: You will need to meet with an adviser prior to each registration period to obtain your PIN. You and your adviser will need to assess your progress, and utilizing your Degree Works is a great way to do this.
• After you register: You will want to ensure that your courses are sorting in as you expected them to do.
• After you complete the course. Degree Works displays grade and GPA information. You should ensure that you completed your course(s) successfully and that you have fulfilled your requirement.
You can contact any of your advisers listed on your Degree Works audit. Simply click one of their names and an email will pop-up.
Any other questions can be directed to the Office of the Registrar at

Degree Works does not replace your adviser.  It is a tool that helps to make your college career a success by serving as a guide for degree completion.  If you notice that any of your information is incorrect, please notify your academic adviser immediately.

For any questions, concerns, or issues regarding Degree Works, please email