Withdrawal Policy


It is the student’s responsibility to notify the University in the event that they need to withdraw from the University.

Students who choose to withdraw from the University must:

  1. Complete the Withdrawal from the University eForm. Students must withdraw on or before the “Last day for withdrawal from classes,” published in the Academic Calendar. After this date, grades will be assigned that reflect the result of entire semester’s attendance and performance in each course.
  2. Receive approval through the Withdrawal from the University eForm from their Assistant Dean. Athletes must also receive approval through the Withdrawal from the University eForm from the Director of Academic Support for Athletes.
  3. Contact the offices of Financial Aid and Student Accounts Receivable to determine whether an outstanding balance is due, to inquire about the financial implications of withdrawal, and to make arrangements to meet financial obligations.
  4. Contact the Housing Services Coordinator and Food Services, if living on campus or having a meal plan.


  • International students should contact one of the International Education Associates at the Multicultural and International Center
  • Students receiving Veteran’s benefits should consult their Veteran’s Benefits Certifying Official to understand how this change in their enrollment status may affect their future aid.

Please be advised that the date of filing the Withdrawal from the University form is considered as the date of withdrawal from the class(es) and the University.

Ceasing to attend classes does not constitute a withdrawal from the University; students must officially withdraw by filling out the Withdrawal from the University form in their Dean’s office. Ceasing to attend without officially withdrawing will result in the student receiving grades for all coursework, possibly failing grades. A “W” designation will only be assigned to coursework upon official withdrawal from the University.