How to Register – Graduate or Doctoral Student

(Please note: All students must complete the admissions process before registering.)

Step One

You will receive a registration letter in your La Salle email account about a week before your registration date. Login to mylasalle for complete list of course offerings: click the “Student” tab, find the “Registration” area, and click on “Look Up Classes to Add” under “Registration Tools.”

Check for any holds that will prevent you from registering prior to the start of registration. Log into mylasalle, and go to the “Students” tab. Find the “Registration” area and “Check your Registration Status”. Questions concerning holds may be directed to the Registrar’s Office at

Step Two

Find your online registration date in the mylasalle portal under the “Academics” link in the “Registration” area.

You may register online using your Advisor Approval PIN found on your registration form. This is different from your mylasalle login PIN and changes every semester. You will need this PIN to register for classes online.

If you are unsure which courses you should register for, please contact your Graduate Program for advisement.

Step Three

Register on or after your online registration date:

  1. Login to mylasalle. Click on the “Students” tab and scroll down to the “Registration” area.
  2. Click on “Select Term” and ensure you have selected the current registration term.
  3. Select “Look up Classes to Add” to search for courses and find the correct course reference numbers (CRN). Each course has its own unique CRN for the semester.
  4. Select “Add/Drop Classes” and enter each CRN in the box at the bottom of the page.
  5. Click “Submit Classes”. A successful registration will indicate **Web Registered**. Be sure to view your class schedule to make sure that it is accurate.

Holds Preventing Registration

Having a hold on your account may prevent you from registering for classes. To see if there’s a hold, login to mylasalle, go to the “Students” tab, find the “Registration” area, and click “Check Your Registration Status”. Contact the Registrar’s Office for questions regarding holds.

General Information

Your use of the Advisor Approval PIN indicates your approval of the courses suggested by your advisor. Should you register for courses other that those suggested by your advisor, neither the University nor your advisor may be held accountable for your enrollment. Changes in your advised schedule may result in unnecessary charges, and delay your graduation.

In the event your mylasalle account is disabled or you encounter problems with the Br. LUWIS system, please contact the Office of the University Registrar at 215.951.1020 or email