Graduate Grading System

The following is the breakdown and definitions of grades distributed for courses completed:

  • A indicates the demonstration of a superior level of competency.
  • A- indicates the demonstration of a very good level of competency.
  • B+ indicates the demonstration of a good level of competency.
  • B indicates the demonstration of an average, satisfactory level of competency.
  • B- indicates the demonstration of a less than average level of competency.
  • C indicates a level of competence below that expected of graduate work.
  • F indicates failure to demonstrate even a marginal level of competency.
  • I indicates work not completed within the trimester period.
  • W indicates an authorized withdrawal from a course unit after the trimester has commenced.

Those faculty who do not want to assign +/- grades are not obligated to do so.

A student must repeat a course in which he/she receives an “F” grade. The “F” will remain on the transcript but will not be counted in the cumulative average once the course has been repeated satisfactorily. To repeat a course that has been failed, the student must obtain written approval of the Program Director. Ordinarily, a student may not repeat a course that has been passed.

A student who receives a grade of “I” for a course must complete the remaining work within the time of the next semester (whether the student is enrolled in course work or not during that subsequent semester). If the work is not completed within that time, the “I” will remain on the transcript permanently, and the course must be repeated to produce a satisfactory grade.

The “W” grade is assigned when the student is approved for withdrawal from a course. Ordinarily, permission form withdrawal is not granted after the mid-semester period. Permission for exceptions must be approved by the Program Director.