Undergraduate Grading System

The course work of undergraduate students is graded and recorded at the end of each semester. Mid-semester progress reports for new students are submitted to the Dean’s Office by each instructor. All grades may be viewed by the student through the mylasalle portal.


  • A = Superior
  • B = Very Good
  • C = Average
  • D = Passable
  • F = Failure
  • I = Incomplete
  • W = Withdrawal
  • S = Satisfactory
  • U = Unsatisfactory
  • X = Audit

The final course grade is determined through evaluation of recitations, written assignments, and examinations, including mid-term and final examinations.

The following system of grades is used in measuring the quality of student achievement:

+/- Grading System

In assigning grades, faculty have the option of using A-, B+, B-, C+, C-, or D+. Those faculty who do not want to assign +/- grades are not obligated to do so.


The I grade is a provisional grade given by an instructor to a student who has otherwise maintained throughout the semester a passing grade in the course, but who has failed to take the semester examination for reasons beyond his or her control. Make-up examinations for the fall semester must be completed before the opening day of the spring semester. All I grades that have not been removed within three weeks after the last regular examination of the semester become Fs. When it is physically impossible for the student to remove this grade within the time limit, he or she must obtain a written extension of time from the Dean of his or her school.


The W grade is assigned when a student officially withdraws from a course prior to its completion. The request for withdrawal from a course is filed with the student’s Dean’s Office (Non-Nursing evening students with the Office of Continuing Studies). The request must be filed on or before the “Last day to withdrawal from a class,” as published in the Academic Calendar located in the current edition of this bulletin and on the University Web site: www.lasalle.edu.

Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory

Students may take up to two free electives under a pass/fail option. Students may request the pass/fail option in their Dean’s Office within three weeks after the first day of the semester. The grade for a pass/fail course will be recorded as S or U. Such a grade will not affect the cumulative index, but semester hours graded S will be counted toward the total required for graduation. The purpose of this option is to encourage choice of challenging electives, including those outside the student’s major field.


The X grade is assigned for courses audited. After obtaining permission from the course instructor and the Dean, a student wishing to audit a course may sign up in the appropriate Dean’s Office before the first day of class.

Repeating a Course

If a student repeats a course, only the higher grade is counted toward graduation requirements and in the academic index. A student may not repeat a course more than once without permission from his or her Dean.