I can see my bill, but why hasn’t my financial aid been applied to my University Bill?

Student accounts are in the process of being updated for Fall charges and financial aid awards. Financial Aid will be applied to your bill over the next few weeks. Bills are not considered final until you receive an email notification from the University letting you know your bill is ready. If you view your bill prior to receiving notice from La Salle, all of your financial aid funds may not appear.

If you do not see all of your financial aid listed on your bill, check your bill periodically for updates. Information is updated nightly. Listed below are reasons why financial aid funds may not appear on your bill:

  • Your application and loan documents are not complete.  (Your currently enrolled hours do not match the number of hours on which your award was based.  You must be at least half-time (6 credit hours – undergraduate) (3-credit hours – graduate).
    • If you will be adding credit hours, your financial aid will automatically disburse when the hours match.
  • You are not maintaining satisfactory academic progress.
  • Privately funded/external scholarships are applied to the bill after the university receives the check from the agency/donor. You may want to contact your donor and inform them you have received your bill and ask if they need additional information before submitting the scholarship check. Allow 7-10 days after the donor mails the check for the funds to appear on your bill.
  • Remember half of your academic year financial aid is applied to your bill each semester.

If you still have questions, email finserv@lasalle.edu

Mission Statement

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