Vehicle Registration Requirements

  1. Faculty, Staff, and Students Permits

    1. May apply for parking online only.
    2. Permanently disabled faculty, staff, must display a current University parking permit, in addition to, an appropriate Disabled person placard or license plate issued by a state authority.
    3. Temporary handicap parking permits are issued through SAR ID/Parking office for those persons having a need. Permits issued under this classification shall be issued for the probable duration of the handicap or a period of time that will not exceed 90 days. A treating physician’s documentation is required specifically requesting handicap parking.
    4. Parking permits are for the sole use of the person to whom issued and are not transferable.
  2. Students

    1. It is the policy of La Salle University to afford all eligible students the opportunity to use on-campus parking facilities consistent with the requirements, rules, and regulations contained within this Traffic Control Policy. As a courtesy to our neighbors, we encourage all eligible students to use on-campus parking facilities.
    2. All students are eligible to register for parking.
    3. All students may apply online for a parking permit on the La Salle portal. The vehicle owner’s card, a validated I.D. card are required when picking up a permit. Students will be issued a permit/hangtag, which permits access to appropriate lots.
    4. All students are eligible for Blue Zone parking, this allows overnight parking within marked Blue Zones.
    5. Commuter students are eligible for Blue Zone parking (no overnight) at a reduced semester/yearly rate.
    6. Commuter registered vehicles (no overnight) must be granted permission by the Parking/ID office in order to park temporarily overnight on La Salle property.
  3. Visitor Parking

    1. Visitors who are visiting the campus for one day may park at G Lot – “Shoppes at La Salle” which does not require a permit.  If parking in another lot is desired, a visitor permit should be obtained through the Parking Office.  Admissions Visitors have a designated area within Lot E that is identified and reserved for their use.
    2. Overnight visitors/guests may use the G Lot – “Shoppes at La Salle” if they desire on-campus parking. Overnight visitors or guests may not park in any of the paid parking areas of campus.
    3. La Salle University’s faculty, staff, or students are not visitors and cannot acquire a visitor’s permit. Faculty, staff, or students may use the G Lot – “Shoppes at La Salle” if they desire on-campus parking on a temporary basis.