IRS Form 1098-T

Education tax credits may be available to you if you are paying education costs for yourself or a student who is a member of your immediate family. Form 1098-T enables you to determine if you qualify for one or more of these education tax credits. Additional information is available on the IRS website.

La Salle University is required to provide a 1098-T to enrolled students by January 31st of the current year. The university has elected to report the amount billed for qualifying tuition and fees.  Please note that only students whose tuition charges exceed the amount of scholarships and grants they received in the previous tax year will receive a 1098-T Form.

You will have access to your 1098-T on-line at Heartland ECSI.  You will receive an email notification when your 1098T is available.

In order to provide you with the IRS Form 1098-T, and to report your enrollment and financial data to the IRS, the University must have a valid social security number (SSN).  While University policy does not require your SSN in the University’s admissions process, IRS regulations require us to request your SSN, and you are subject to an IRS penalty if you fail to furnish your correct SSN to us.  If the University does not have your valid SSN on file, an email will be sent to you requesting this information. You can complete this form now at and return it to the Office of the University Registrar.