Billing Policies

Financial Obligation

At the time of registration, the student contracts for the full amount of the tuition regardless of the arrangement for payment. A student who is financially delinquent or who has a record of indebtedness cannot attend class, register for subsequent semesters or receive grade reports, transcripts or diploma until such indebtedness is paid.

For additional policy disclosures, please review the Financial Considerations section in the University Catalog.

Tuition Insurance

The Tuition Insurance was designed with students and parents in mind. We recommend that all of our students and families consider getting the Tuition Protection Plan. Get reimbursed for tuition payments, room and board fees, and other non-refundable expenses if a student needs to withdraw any time during the semester for a covered illness, injury or psychological condition. Having this plan expands the scope of our current refund policy (see Withdrawal Refund Policy section below). Learn more at

Financial Responsibility Agreement (FRA)

All students are required to accept La Salle University’s Student Financial Responsibility Agreement prior to looking up classes or registering for the first time each semester.

The purpose of the FRA is designed to make students aware of the financial terms and responsibilities associated with enrolling for classes. Registering for classes generates a bill that is the student’s responsibility to pay. To ensure that all students are aware of this responsibility, La Salle University requires all students to read the FRA and agree in order to register for the upcoming term.

Authorization to Apply Title IV Financial Aid

During the execution of the Financial Responsibility Agreement (FRA), you agreed to authorize the University the right to apply any Title IV Financial Aid to any outstanding balance after first applying the Title IV Financial Aid to your tuition, some fees, room or board charges, in accordance with federal guidelines and regulations. According to federal regulations, La Salle University cannot use Title IV funds to offset any late fees. If you wish to rescind this authorization, please place the request in writing to the Student Accounts Receivable office ( with your ID number. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact Student Accounts Receivable office at 215.951.1055.

Late Fees

A one and a half percent (1.5%) late payment fee per month and a one-time late administration fee of one hundred fifty dollars ($150.) will be assessed to all students who have not made payment in full or acceptable arrangements by the tuition due date for the semester.

Returned Checks

A $45 fee will be assessed for all returned checks and ACH payments. If the University receives a total of three returned checks, all future payments must be made via cash, certified check, or money order. DO NOT SEND CASH THROUGH THE MAIL.

Withdrawal Refund Policy

When registration has been finalized, a student shall be considered to be in continuous attendance until proper notice of withdrawal is received by the University. Students must file a withdrawal with the Dean of their school of study. Ceasing to attend and/or giving notice to your instructor(s) does not constitute the proper notice of withdrawal. The allowed percentage of a tuition refund will be based upon the date the notice of withdrawal is received.

*For the purpose of refund computation, a week shall be defined as the period of seven consecutive days; beginning with the official start date of the semester, not the first day of a class or first day of attendance. The refund percentage will be multiplied by the total number of credit hours subject to withdrawal. Once the credit hours have been reduced by the refund percentage, the resulting sum will be subject to the appropriate tuition and fees for that credit level.

** The first day of the semester is defined as the official start date of the semester, not the first day of a class or first day of attendance.


The schedule below applies to term withdrawals (withdrawing from all courses within the term) only: 

Full Fifteen Week Term

Up to and including the first week* of the semester 100% refund

Second week 60% refund

Third week 40% refund

Fourth week 20% refund

After fourth week no refund

Ten through Twelve Week Terms

Up to and including the first week* of the semester 100% refund

Second week 60% refund

Third week 20% refund

After the third week of the semester no refund

Five through Nine Week Terms

Up to and including the second day** of the semester 100% refund

First week of the semester 60% refund

After the first week of the semester no refund

One through Four Week Terms (includes intersession)

Up to and including the first day** of the semester 100% refund

After the first day of the semester no refund


When a Refund WILL NOT be given if the student:

  • Drops a course but retains full-time status
  • Owes the University money

La Salle University uses federal regulations to determine the refund of federal financial aid funds to the federal government. A copy of this federal refund calculation is available in the Office of Financial Aid.